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I think Season 3 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal went off well without much hitch I just finished watching the last episode of the third Arc. Although there is other moonies fans that might disagree with this. I find the animation from season’s l & 2 good. I was really annoyed that many people online were complaining on youtube and other blog sites about how they hated the 3d animations and artwork from the first two seasons. If you read the manga and see or own the art books the senshi girls have those slimmer legs and figures it’s not accidental they were drawn like that and perfectly I might add.

I think fans expected too much when SMC was announced back in 2013/2014 on what to expect the creator Naoko Takeuchi sensei said the new anime would close to the manga and to the manga chapters said moonie fan whom known and read the manga would know what to expect from this newest incarnation of the SM fan base world.  

And what to expect from each season that airs so far the first three seasons each have aired 13 episodes in total when you count each manga story arc separately. And in my POV is I think people need to stop bitching/complaining about it. Many Moonie fans have been gossiping and whining in the past  20 some odd years after the 90’s was completed for a renewal and when we finally do get it people are still not satisfied.

Fans compared much of the animation to the ones used for the pretty cure season. I’m also a Precure fan and since both shows are televised,Produced and semi own by Toei there might be some similarities for BGM (background Music) and animations effects but I think each series stay true to its creator and originals.  Keep in  mind many Magical girl mangas/heroine/animes creators from Japan and America send tribute, credit and inspiration to Sailor Moon being their muse of a long line of maho girls anime that gave them inspiration for  them make sure new heroines and series currently shown today.

 If you you’re a real true loyal Moonie fan and have seen all versions of the SM series the manga is many ways first and only the true version of all five arcs compared to the 90’s anime. If you have seen the 90’s anime, the live action series, the musicals and the currant reincarnation of the series you’d see where the original comes from and what just the spins offs used. I grew up seeing the 90’s Dubbed anime but like many fans whom were getting into Sm back them felt disappointed at how much editing and censorships was done to it in its early years when the series came to the US and Canada.  But I understand why it had to be done for a young child audience. I’m more or less the sub fan or fan subber fan to the Japanese version the series. I grew accustomed of watch the subs then anything. Not that I hate watch anything anime in dub I’m just more or less prefer to the Japanese sub over all.

Now as many know or not if they only watched the 90’d anime only, the Sailor Moon series there are 5 seasons: Dark kingdom Arc, Black Moon Arc, Death Busters/Infinity Arc, Dead Moon Circus/Super S Arc and finally Sailor Stars/Shadow Galatica arc. It was the same with the 90’s anime only SMC is basing each episode on the manga chapters and the manga series in general compared to the first anime that aired back in the 90’s. There are 2 more seasons that are in production for SMC but people need to be patient keep watch for updates on Toei’s SMC site.

 Fans need to wait when the next musical is out which has been announced sometime this fall I think. So far what I have seen with musicals coming back well they first do the musicals then show the next season of SMC to come alter on that same year. The renewed musicals come out first then does the newest SMC season.

So far for the music in SMC the only known music tracks I liked where few BGM tracks,  songs I liked were Moon Pride, Gekkō/Moonbow, Eternal Eternity, Eien Dake ga Futari wo Kakeru/Eternity Brings Two Together, Revolution is Night & Day, I'M GOING DOWN, Because This is the Sky My Heart Flies  & A Touch of Rain I did not care for the opening theme song for S3 and two out of the ending theme songs of S3 I overly enjoyed. In a nutshell not bad so far for getting the first three Arcs off the ground. Let keep our fingers cross for seasons 4 and 5 to arrive just as quickly.



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